I am honored to serve as ISLS president for this year (2019-2020). I will take this opportunity to share with you some exciting new ISLS initiatives. They all contribute to what I hope to achieve during my presidency in some way.

ICLS 2020 in Nashville, TN: The Call for Proposals is out with submissions due November 18, 2019. This year’s program organizers, Lani Horn and Melissa Gresalfi, are working hard to make this a terrific conference experience. There are four program strands this year and you are asked to select one for each submission. A new submission system is in place this year. There are a number of advantages to this system, but it will be new to you so please allow sufficient time - and patience - for your submission. I am looking forward to the most attended learning science event at ICLS 2020 and urge you to join me in celebrating another fantastic year in which we celebrate our achievements, share stories and learning experiences, and renew our connections.

2021 ISLS Annual Meeting: In 2021, ISLS is moving to holding an annual meeting at which there are two conference programs - a CSCL program and an ICLS program. Ulrich Hoppe and Nikol Rummel are organizing this meeting, to be held in Bochum, Germany. As you know, the upcoming ICLS 2020 is the last ICLS conference to be held biannually. ICLS and CSCL are to be held together annually starting in 2021, with separate programs, but at the same conference.

Debut of ISLS hosted Rapid Community Reports: ISLS is in the pilot phase of partnering with CIRCL to host its Rapid Community Reports (RCR) series on the ISLS website. These peer reviewed reports are intended as a fast communication outlet for works that may not normally fit in a journal. RCRs are intended for a wide audience, including educators, developers, and policy makers as well as researchers. Each issue will be an open access publication to be housed in ISLS website repository. We hope that RCRs will become a focal point for LS researchers as well as for developers, educators, and practitioners to share and learn about each other’s work.

Internationalization as a Learning Opportunity: ISLS is making intensified efforts to reflect and expand its international constituency. We can learn much from each other, both from our successes and failures. As we engage in this effort, we need to increase our understanding about what we share as well as what we do not share. Societies are dealing with different educational problems that arise from their unique historical and cultural backgrounds. A solution meaningful in one context may not be applicable or meaningful to problems that arise in other contexts, at least not on the surface. An awareness of our differences is critical as we seek out and make connections with researchers and practitioners around the world. I will work toward increasing our understanding of each other and hope that you will join me in working on this initiative.


Heisawn Jeong

President, International Society of the Learning Sciences

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