Society Governance and Organizing Documents

The International Society of the Learning Sciences is governed by a Board of Directors, which exercises general supervision over the affairs of the society, subject to the provisions of the by-laws. The Board of Directors includes 12 voting members elected by the membership of the society and serving staggered terms of 6 years each, plus non-voting ex-officio members. Ex-officio members include the Executive Officer, Financial Officer, and Past-President, if they are not voting members, the chair people of each committee, and a representative of each affiliated journal and conference. The Board of Directors meets at least annually, but the practice has been for the Directors to meet by web conferencing every other month and together at the ISLS Annual Meeting once during the year. The officers, including the President, President-Elect, Past President, Executive Officer, and Financial Officer (Secretary/Treasurer), form an Executive Committee and meet more often.

Any individual with a Ph.D. or who has made scientific contributions to the learning sciences or who has interest in the learning sciences may become a member of the society by joining and paying the dues, though at some later date, we may require sponsorship by two current members. Members meet at a business meeting held each year during the annual ICLS or CSCL scientific meeting.