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NAPleS workshop @ ICLS 2016

We are happy to announce that NAPLeS is organizing a full-day pre-conference workshop.

Rational of the workshop

There are numerous academic programs worldwide teaching the Learning Sciences. Yet, there is still no general agreement on the core topics that really constitute the Learning Sciences. This workshop is devoted to the creation of a syllabus for a Learning Sciences introductory course by integrating multiple sources of information on the Learning Sciences (e.g. perspectives from experts in the Learning Sciences, already existing syllabi, etc.).

A special focus while creating this syllabus will be on the NAPLeS (Network of Academic Programs in the Learning Sciences) video resources and their integration into the Learning Sciences introductory course. In order to improve the value of the NAPLeS video resources for their use in the Learning Sciences introductory course this workshop aims at (a) structuring the different topics of the webinar series in a way that is suitable for the Learning Sciences introductory course, (b) editing the video resources in a way that makes them more attractive for the use in local courses, and (c) embed the videos into the syllabus of the Learning Sciences introductory course.

We are looking forward to welcome participants representing multiple levels of expertise. If you are interested to participate in this workshop, please write an email to



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