The International Society of the Learning Sciences sponsors two professional conferences, held in alternate years. Each includes keynotes, symposia, workshops, panels, submitted papers, posters, and demos covering timely and important issues of interest to the community and reporting recent research findings. The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), first held in 1992 and held bi-annually since 1996, covers the entire field of the learning sciences. The International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), held bi-annually since 1995, focuses on issues related to learning through collaboration and promoting productive collaborative discourse with the help of the computer and other communications technologies.

Each international conference includes a Doctoral Consortium in which doctoral students who are ready to work on their dissertations or on their dissertation research have a chance to present their work to peers and to carefully-chosen mentors who can provide them advice over and beyond what they have the opportunity to receive at their home institutions.

The Early Career Workshop caters to new Ph.D.s and junior faculty, providing mentoring as they move from student to faculty roles. CSCL 2015 also marks the first conference to offer a Mid Career Workshop; the latter will focus on issues that become relevant later in one's professional career (e.g. about 10 years after the doctorate, during the tenure seeking process or right after obtaining tenure) in academia, but also in museums, NGOs and in R&D positions in the private sector.

Look at announcements for each conference to find the submission deadlines for these activities for each conference.

ISLS members also hold regional conferences and workshops related to the learning sciences and computer-supported collaborative learning, and other organizations worldwide hold conferences of interest to ISLS members. We try to announce all relevant conferences on this page.

Recent ICLS Conference

ICLS 2020 — Nashville, TN, USA

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Previously-Held ICLS and CSCL Conferences

ICLS — International Conferences of the Learning Sciences

CSCL — International Conferences on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

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