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Session Formats


In all sessions, a computer connected to a data projector will be provided.  Please contact [email protected] if you have any special A/V requirements.


Papers assigned to these sessions will benefit from extended time for discussion with and/or demonstration to an audience sharing your interests.

1. Each presenter in the session gives a 5 MINUTE presentation providing an overview of their work to the full audience. We will hold strictly to the five-minute limit.

2. After all presentations are done, authors will then move to their "stations" described below, and conference participants will then choose and move to the stations that interest them.

3. Presenters and participants interact for the remainder of the session. We recommend that presenters plan for 20 minutes of interaction, and provide participants with the opportunity to move to a new station every 15 to 20 minutes.

Each station will include a table and space for a poster on 3 x 4 ft (height x width, 0.91 x 1.23 meters) poster board. Although electrical power may be available, this is not guaranteed, and we recommend that you bring a fully charged laptop if needed. There will be wireless Internet. You may choose how to use your time at the

presentation station. Options include:

* Demonstration of software or physical artifacts

* Presentation using a poster

* Presentation using a laptop

* Most importantly, discussion with audience based on any of the above.

There will not be time for hooking up a laptop. Please bring slides in a platform-independent format on CDs or flash drives for transfer to a shared computer, and do this transfer during the break before your session starts.

Also prepare and bring materials for further tabletop/poster presentation and interaction. Poster boards will be provided.


Each paper will be given a 20 minute presentation period followed by a 10 minute discussion period, led by the session chair.

Please design and rehearse your presentation to fit within a 20 minute slot. We will be strict about this time limit in order to allow adequate time for audience participation

in discussion and also for the next presenter to set up.

We strongly recommend that you bring any multimedia materials on multiple media such as a CD-ROM and a flash drive (bring both to be safe), and additionally put your presentation on a web site just in case. Set up your presentation on conference computers before the session. If it is necessary to use your own laptop, this may be possible, but you should have alternatives available. Laptop setup time will be included in your presentation time.


At poster sessions, the audience will freely move around to view posters and discuss them with presenters. The first poster session will be concurrent with the welcome reception on Wednesday, July 18. The second poster session will be at lunch time on Thursday, July 19. The size of the poster boards will be 3 x 4 ft (height x width, 0.91 x 1.23 meters). Poster boards will be on  tables will be available for a smaller number of (two posters per table).


Presenters at demo sessions will have available a table and a wireless internet connection, as well as a 3 x 4 ft (height x width, 0.91 x 1.23 meters) poster board. Please bring a laptop with a fully charged battery, as power strips will not be available at all tables. If you need a power strip for your presentation, please email us at [email protected]. At demo sessions, the audience will be able to move freely about the room to view demonstrations.

Presenters are encouraged to provide additional details about the technology they are presenting via posters and discussions with attendees.