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Poster           Flyer

Main Conference Program

Main Conference Program

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Rhodes Visitors Companion CSCL2009

Rhodes Visitors Companion CSCL2009

Presentations Guidelines

Presentations Guidelines

2nd CfP detailed Template
2nd CfP      Template

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Registration System is now closed                                               05/06/2009
The link for the online Registration System is no more active. You may register only at the CSCL2009 Reception Desk of the Conference Center. For any questions related to registration and payment, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected].
Rhodes Visitors Companion for CSCL2009 Participants                02/06/2009
Download and read it! You can find information on Transportation means, Suggestions for Rhodes town sightseeing, Bars and Restaurants, Excursions in Rhodes Island, useful phone numbers, etc.
Presentations Guidelines                                                              18/05/2009
To the presenters of CSCL2009 program: Please, download the CSCL2009 Presentation Guidelines per Sessions Formats document, and read it carefully. It describes the presentation guidelines for the: Full Papers sessions, the Short Papers sessions, the Full papers Interactive sessions, the Short papers Interactive Sessions, as well as the Posters Presentations.
CSCL2009 Main Conference Program (Draft)                                11/05/2009
CSCL2009 program contributors are welcome to propose suggestions, sending a message to [email protected].
CSCL2009 Blogspot: Discuss on papers!!                                     28/04/2009
The CSCL2009 Blogspot is open! You are invited to discuss on papers, with authors and other conference participants. In a few days you could also discuss on the papers belonging to the same conference session. Enjoy it!!
Find your roommate!                                                                    16/04/2009
There is a blog-like discussion space for anyone who’s interested to find a roommate during the conference. Start blogging and find your roommate!
Register now to the main conference,
preconference & social events!                                                     01/04/2009
You can Register to the Main Conference, the various Pre-Conference, as well as the social events.
Hotel room booking is available                                                    19/03/2009
You can book a hotel room in CSCL2009 Conference Center or in other hotels (in Rhodes center or in the area nearby the Conference Center).
Keynote Speakers' talks                                                               19/03/2009
Overview of keynote speakers' talks.
The Submission of camera ready versions for Conference
and Community Events' Proceedings will start soon!
Deadline: March 15, 2009                                                             07/02/2009
The Submission of camera ready versions for the Proceedings will start soon! CSCL2009 Conference Proceedings: Papers, Short Papers, Interactive Papers. CSCL2009 Community Events' Proceedings: Posters, Interactive events (of main Conference program) and Workshops, Tutorials, Seminars, etc (of Pre-Conference Events). Please note that in all cases, the camera ready versions have to follow the Conference Publications Guidelines (Template, in Download Material area) Deadline: March 15, 2009.
Look at the Pre-Conference Events Program!                              07/02/2009
Have a look at the Pre-Conference Events Draft Program. You can find the Pre-Conference Program Overview, as well as detailed information on each event.
The Submission for additional Conference and Pre-Conference
events is Open! Deadline December 20, 2008                              14/11/2008
The Submission system for a wide variety of Conference events as well as for Pre-Conference events is now open. Deadline December 20, 2008, (GMT-London time).
Additional Conference Events: Panels, Symposia, Interactive Events, Posters.
Pre-Conference events: Workshops, Tutorials, Seminars, Doctoral Consortium Workshop, PostDoc & Early Career Workshop, Educational Showcases.
Please, Read the corresponding Call for Conference events (detailed Information) and Call for Pre-Conference events.
The submission process for Papers
and Short Papers is now Closed                                                   10/11/2008
The submission process for Papers and Short Papers is Closed. Thank you for your participation!
Papers and Short Papers Extension of
Submission Deadline: November 8, 2008                                     26/10/2008
The Submission Deadline for Papers and Short Papers has been extended for one week. The Submission System will be open for Papers and Short Papers until November 8, 2008 (24.00 hours Greenwich time).
The Keynote Speakers of CSCL2009 Conference!                        22/10/2008
CSCL2009 Conference will be honored by the following Keynote Speakers:
- Prof. Charles Goodwin, University of California at Los Angeles, USA;
- Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland;
- Prof. Rose Luckin, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education in London, UK;
You can know more about the Keynote Speakers of CSCL2009 Conference.
The Submission System is open for papers and short papers!     12/10/2008
The Submission System is open. You can now submit a full or a short paper. Click here for direct access.
2nd Call for Proposals                                                                     30/9/2008
Information on the Submissions Categories can be found in the Call for Proposals section.You can also download the whole text of the 2nd CfP, in pdf format.
CSCL2009 Poster and Flyer                                                            10/5/2008
CSCL2009 Poster and CSCL2009 Flyer are available. You can download and use them (Poster, Flyer).