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To See the World and a Grain of Sand
Learning across Levels of Space, Time, and Scale

June 15-19, 2013
University of Wisconsin - Madison


Conference Theme

To see the world and a grain of sand: Learning across levels of space, time, and scale” inspired by (and modified from) William Blake’s poem “Auguries of Innocence” reflects the unique aspect of CSCL in which interactions and learning need to be understood, supported and analyzed at multiple levels. The attention to the theoretical, methodological and technological issues of addressing research at multiple levels is highly relevant to current research in CSCL, as well as to developing an emerging understanding of the epistemological and methodological issues that will shape our intellectual efforts well into the future.  

CSCL is a major international event, organized biennially by ISLS, which gathers together people involved in all aspects of the field of technology-based collaborative learning, including research, education, training and technology. CSCL invites papers on the nature of collaborative learning in technologically supported environments from empirical, theoretical, conceptual and design based perspectives. 

Hosted by the University of Wisconsin's Learning Sciences Program

New for CSCL 2013: Interactive Sesson Format!

The interactive session format for papers has been designed as a collaborative format particularly for the CSCL conference to allow for maximum interaction and discussion between authors and audience, in the spirit of collaborative learning! In every interactive session, each of four presenters will give a brief 10-minute presentation, followed by 50 minutes of interaction at distributed stations. During this time, authors might bring questions to discuss with members of the audience, or bring supplementary materials for people to see, touch, and play with at their station.