Panels and Symposia

CSCL 2015 will offer a limited number of Panels and Symposia that address issues that are of particular importance to the CSCL community. Proposals will be reviewed by Program Chairs. Proposals may also be reviewed by additional judges at the discretion of the chairs.

Submission Instructions

1. Symposia (8 pages)

Symposia are for conveying larger ideas or results about a specific issue. Discussion among members of the symposium and with the audience should be moderated to focus on certain positions or controversies. It is not sufficient for a symposium to simply be a set of related papers, such as papers from a specific research group; authors who want to have a set of papers presented together should submit each paper for review as a paper, and after the review send an email to the Program Committee requesting that the accepted papers be grouped together in one or more sessions, along with a suggested chair and/or discussant for the session. We expect symposia to address a larger issue of interest to CSCL.

A clear description should be provided of:

2. Panels (3 pages)

Panels are for coordinating multiple perspectives on a specific topic that is timely and relevant to the CSCL community.

A clear description should be provided of: