#TMCL15 - Changing Teaching and Learning Practices in Schools with Tablet-Mediated Collaborative Learning: Nordic, European and International Views

This half-day workshop will be held as pre-conference activity with CSCL 2015, on Monday, 8th of June 2015.

For further information, please see the workshop website at https://sites.google.com/site/tmcl2015


We propose an interdisciplinary workshop to share and discuss ongoing research and existing results with regard to studies revolving around tablet-mediated collaborative learning in schools. The guiding question is: Is the expanding use of media tablets on the way to change teaching and learning practices in schools? If yes, which are these emergent practices, how are they developing, and in what ways do they contribute to renew computer-supported collaborative learning? Current studies on the use of media tablets in schools raise an important set of issues and potentials for research in CSCL. They point at the examination of teachers’ and learners’ sociotechnical-pedagogical practices that are enacted in the classroom on a daily basis.

Workshop Aims

This half-day workshop aims at discussing issues pertaining to theorizing and designing for CSCL practices. The outcome of such a knowledge building process will result in a) a summary of research outcomes obtained so far, that will, in turn, inform b) currently and new research questions, methodologies applied in the research area creating conditions to leverage c) a set of strategies for research networking on tablet–mediated collaborative learning. In particular, we aim at leveraging a joint research proposal, initiating a wider research consortium as well as publishing selected studies in an edited book (e.g., Springer CSCL series).

How to Apply

We are happy to receive submissions **by 22 March 2015**, one or more short papers (approx. 2 pages), using the CSCL conference template, through EASYCHAIR submission system.

We invite different types of contributions ranging from work in progress, demonstrations and results from research and practice, academia and school practice. Authors are invited to submit original unpublished research as extended abstracts (approx. 2 pages). Position papers should include a description of the situation studied, the theoretical underpinnings of the work, a definition of tablet mediated collaborative learning and empirical research results (if available). Since the approach is interdisciplinary, the workshop seeks to attract different participants, including students, researchers in schools, designers, practitioners and developers.

Get in Contact

For further information, please contact the organizers at isa.jahnke@umu.se and tessy@dsv.su.se

Workshop Organizers

Isa Jahnke, Umeå University, Sweden isa.jahnke@umu.se
Tessy Cerratto-Pargman, Stockholm University, Sweden tessy@dsv.su.se
Anniken Furberg, University of Oslo, Norway, anniken.furberg@ils.uio.no
Sanna Järvelä, Oulu University, Finland, sanna.jarvela@oulu.fi
Barbara Wasson, Bergen University, Norway barbara.wasson@uib.no