Pre-conference Workshops and Tutorials

The CSCL 2015 Pre-Conference Workshops and Tutorials Committee invites submissions of proposals for Pre-Conference Events. Full-day workshops will be scheduled on Sunday June 7th, and half-day workshops on Monday June 8th. The main conference program will begin on the afternoon on June 8th.

Events should cohere with the conference theme “Exploring the material conditions of learning: Opportunities and challenges for CSCL” and be organized as a workshop or a tutorial.

Workshops should be designed as collaborative knowledge-building sessions on a focused issue, where participants actively work together e.g., analyzing data, discussing design criteria, collaborating on a research project. Substantial time should be allocated for interaction between participants. The presentation of a set of related papers is not considered a workshop.

Tutorials should be designed as collaborative learning experiences for novices on a topic, technology, or methodology within CSCL, facilitated by experts. Tutorials should stimulate active participation and interaction between participants as well. Innovative format submissions are encouraged, provided they are within the scope of a workshop or tutorial.

We may request proposals that are very similar to each other to merge, or at least coordinate in a manner that ensures that interested researchers do not feel there is a conflict between them.

Submission Instructions

Pre-conference event proposals comprise 2 pieces:

1. Description for pre-conference events chairs

The description of the tutorial or workshop enables the pre-conference events committee to evaluate not only the content of the event, but also the organisation of the event.

The description should be written with the events chairs as the intended audience, telling us about practical issues that enables us to evaluate the proposal. The descriptions should not exceed 4 pages, and should include:

2. Description for Proceedings

A description that would eventually appear in the conference proceedings that does not exceed 4-pages and should adhere to the proceedings format guidelines. This should be written with the reader of the conference proceedings in mind, who may be reading the description after the event has taken place. The format can be flexible, but it is suggested that the proceedings description include:

Proposal Selection Process

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Pre-Conference Events Chairs. Proposals may also be reviewed by additional judges at the discretion of the chairs.


To create a high-quality program representing the newest ideas and results in the field, submitted proposals for workshops and tutorials will be evaluated with respect to:

The call for CSCL 2015 Pre-conference Workshops and Tutorials can be downloaded as a pdf.