Analyzing the material conditions of CSCL interaction

A series of interaction-analysis special data sessions

CSCL research and theory in the Nordic countries has often featured interaction analysis in the tradition of ethnomethodologically inspired conversation analysis, dialogism, socio-cultural perspectives and related approaches. The focus of interaction analysis in CSCL is on detailed studies of the processes of learning and collaboration, as technologically mediated. The Special Events at CSCL 2015 will present a special conference track to build on this tradition.

During the main conference, there will be a track of data sessions. In each session, a session organizer will present an excerpt of CSCL interaction (e.g., a video clip and a detailed log). During the session, the audience will discuss how the material conditions of CSCL interaction can be seen at work in the excerpt.

The deadline for submissions has passed.

The material conditions of CSCL interaction include, for instance:
Structure of a typical data session:

Submission Instructions:

Special event proposals comprise 2 pieces:

1. Description for special event chairs

The description of the data session enables the special event committee to evaluate not only the content of the event, but also the organisation of the event.

The description should be written with the special session chairs as the intended audience, telling us about practical issues that enables us to evaluate the proposal. The descriptions should not exceed 2 pages, and should include:
2. Description for Proceedings

A description that would eventually appear in the conference proceedings that does not exceed two (2) pages and should adhere to the proceedings format guidelines. This should be written with the reader of the conference proceedings in mind, who may be reading the description after the event has taken place. The format can be flexible, but it is suggested that the proceedings description include:
Accepted proposals will be published in the conference proceedings. Proposers will work closely with conference organizers to prepare for the data session and to co-facilitate it. For more details, see guidelines on data preparation.

The call for CSCL 2015 Special Sessions can be downloaded as a pdf.