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Doctoral Consortium

March 1, 2006 - Submissions due by 11:59pm EST
April 1, 2006 - Notification of acceptance by email to submitter

Who Should Submit
The ICLS '06 Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for Ph.D. students in fields related to the Learning Sciences to share their current dissertation work-in-progress with their peers and a panel of faculty selected from across our field. Consortium participation is open only to Ph.D. candidates:

  • in the U. S., who have successfully completed and defended their dissertation proposals.
  • in Europe and Asia, the equivalent stage (e.g., in the UK, who have successfully transferred from MPhil to PhD and/or are in the second year of a PhD programme) – any queries about eligibility should be sent by email to Claire O’Malley (Claire.O’[email protected])

Ideally, applicants will have completed their dissertation proposal (or equivalent), and be at a stage in their work where the consortium participants may be of help in shaping the research or analysis activities. If you will be 'done' with your dissertation at or around the time of the Consortium, you should not apply.

Selection of Consortium Submitters
Participants for the Doctoral Consortium will be selected on the basis of their anticipated contribution to the workshop goals. Emphasis will be placed on forming a diverse group of high quality students. An effort will be made to keep the participating group small to encourage informal interaction. The following support for up to 15 participating graduate students will be provided:

  • complimentary conference registration fees
  • a stipend of $175
  • most meals during the Doctoral Consortium
  • informal reception on Monday evening

Faculty Participants
The doctoral consortium meetings will be co-chaired by Dr. Susan Goldman (University of Illinois, Chicago) and Dr. Claire O'Malley (University of Nottingham). Additional faculty participants will be: Philip Bell, University of Washington; Janet Kolodner, Georgia Institute of Technology; Nancy Songer, University of Michigan.

Consortium Objectives

  • to provide a setting for mutual feedback on participants' current research,
  • and guidance on future research directions
  • to provide a forum for discussing methodological and theoretical issues of central importance to Learning Sciences
  • to develop a supportive community of scholars in the Learning Sciences and
  • a spirit of collaborative research across institutions
  • to contribute to the conference experience of participating students through interaction with other participants and key faculty.

Consortium activities include presentations by each doctoral participant about a particular aspect of their dissertation work that they would like to discuss because they are seeking input on how to approach it, it is an intriguing problem for Learning Sciences generally, it is an issue other doctoral students are likely to be confronting, or it has the potential for stimulating discussions of methodological and theoretical importance. Each presentation is followed by members of the faculty panel and consortium participants providing reactions during an open discussion period.

Scheduling of Consortium during Conference
The Doctoral Consortium will be conducted in a workshop format, held during the day-and-a-half prior to the start of the ICLS conference (Tuesday, June 27th and Wednesday morning, June 28, 2006).

Doctoral Consortium Application
The National Science Foundation (grant # 0548171) has provided funding for up to 15 students, including free conference registration and $200 for travel. To apply, please submit the following materials to :

  • a cover sheet with your name, title of your dissertation, your advisor's name,
  • your institution, your e-mail address, your phone and fax numbers, and your surface mail address.
  • a 5 to 7 page summary of your thesis work, in the format specified by the ICLS ’06 general submission guidelines for ICLS papers. Include in this summary the goals of the dissertation, background of the project (1 to 2 pages), the methodology, current status, preliminary results or results of pilot work for the formal dissertation. The last part of the summary should include the particular issue you want to be the focus of the presentation and discussion at the Consortium (e.g., analyses, data collection, writing). This document will be used to select Consortium participants and will be circulated to other participants by way of summarizing your work and preparing for the actual presentation and discussion. In this way, the presentation does not have to provide the summary and can focus specifically on the issues of interest.
  • a letter of recommendation from your thesis advisor. This must include an assessment of the current status of your work, and an expected date for thesis completion.

These materials should be in one file (word or pdf). All questions should be directed to:

Application materials should be emailed no later than March 1, 2006 to [email protected].