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The Center for Project-based Learning (PBL) is a new center at Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and a strategic component of ETH Zurich’s Future Learning Initiative.

The new center will develop new courses and projects for Bachelor’s and Master’s students to building on teaching activities in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects. At the same time, the Center seeks to undertake research on learning: what do students learn from the courses and projects at the Center, and if, what, and how do they transfer to future learning context?

The PBL Center is looking for talented and motivated professionals to design, develop, and implement a research program on the effectiveness of the Center’s teaching and project-based activities.

Job description
Starting from May to June 2021, at a later date to be agreed upon, we are looking for a talented learning scientist or an educational psychologist with a strong STEM foundation training to join our interdisciplinary team based at the D-ITET in ETH Zurich.

Your key responsibilities will be:

  • Develop a comprehensive program of research on the learning effectiveness of the Center’s teaching and learning activities. Whilst we remain open to multiple theoretical and methodological perspectives, we expect it likely to involve a longitudinal, multi-disciplinary, multi-methodological research paradigm;
  • Contributing to the development of the Center as learning scientist, working alongside several other students/researchers;
  • Advise in the development of new teaching courses and project-based projects to attract bachelor and master students;
  • Attracting funding and grants to support the research, teaching and learning activities;
  • Participating in and contributing to team meetings and other interactions with key stakeholder;
  • Supporting the conceptualization, design, develop and contribute to implementation of the Visibility and Outreach Strategy for the Center to strengthen its communication capacity, enhance stakeholder engagement.

Your profile
For these responsibilities, you should:

  • Have a PhD in learning sciences or educational psychology or a related discipline.
  • Strong STEM foundation training, ideally a masters in engineering or more generally a STEM domain.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work in an international multidisciplinary team.
  • Good knowledge of English and at least another Swiss language, German, French or Italian. Basic knowledge of the other language or an undertaking to acquire it rapidly.

To further highlight your suitability, demonstrate that you:

  • Can develop and implement comprehensive research program on learning effectiveness
  • Have been part of collaborations between people from various (scientific) backgrounds (i.e. professor, post-doc, PhDs, industry partners, etc.)
  • Can present your work and ideas engagingly and effectively.
  • You are a team player that can motivate others.
  • Have experience in academic writing, including grants, in an academic environment.

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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