Communications Committee

Co-chaired by Martina Rau (USA), Jennifer Olsen (USA), and Irene-Angelica Chounta (Germany), the Communications Committee helps direct the Society’s communications decisions.

Additional members of this committee are:

  • Elizabeth Charles Canada
  • Jilliane Code Canada
  • Chandan Dasgupta India
  • Catherine Dornfeld-Tissenbaum USA
  • Feng Lin Singapore
  • Jennifer Olsen USA
  • Melanie Peffer USA
  • Kshitij Sharma Switzerland
  • Naomi Thompson USA
  • Anouschka van Leeuwen Netherlands
  • Christiana Varda (ILSSA representative) Cyprus
  • Tanner Vea USA
  • Christopher Williams Germany
  • Jason Yip USA
  • Justice Walker USA

Conference Committee

Chaired by Yotam Hod (Israel), the Conference Committee sets policies for the ISLS Annual Meeting, selects future venues, and helps recruit and appoint conference chairs.

Additional members of this committee are:

  • Kris Lund France
  • Jun Oshima Japan
  • Wenli Chen Singapore
  • Melissa Gresalfi USA
  • Tugce Aldemir USA
  • Thomas Hillman Sweden
  • Oskar Lindwall Sweden
  • Teo Keifert USA
  • Lisa Siciliano (ILSSA representative) USA

CSCL Community Committee

Co-chaired by Michelle Lui and Carol Chan, the CSCL Community Committee works to strengthen the international CSCL community as part of ISLS, working with the ISLS board and the other committees on CSCL affairs, including the CSCL program at the ISLS Annual Meeting and the ijCSCL journal.

Additional members of this committee are:

  • Christa Asterhan Israel
  • Marcela Borge USA
  • Bodong Chen USA
  • Tamara Clegg USA
  • Raija Hämäläinen Finland
  • Davinia Hernández-Leo Spain
  • Sanna Järvelä Finland
  • Michelle Lui Canada
  • Emma Mercier USA
  • Annelies Raes Belgium

More information can be found on the CSCL Community page.

Education Committee

Co-chaired by Crina Damsa and Julia Eberle, the Education Committee helps create and develop outreach and educational activities for the society.

NAPLeS, a sub-committee of the Education Committee, is directed by Freydis Vogel.

Additional members of this committee are:

  • Sarah Bichler USA
  • Marcela Borge USA
  • Pryce Davis UK
  • Paul Flynn Ireland
  • Joey Huang USA
  • Andrew Joyce-Gibbons UK
  • Monica Koh USA
  • Robb Lindgren USA/Namibia
  • Andrew Manches UK
  • Lina Markauskaite Australia
  • Camilia Matuk USA
  • Christopher Ostrowski USA
  • Mamta Shah USA
  • Daniel Sommerhoff Germany
  • Mike Tissenbaum USA
  • Keisha Varma USA
  • Robert Whyte UK

Advisory role:

  • Isa Jahnke USA
  • Marcia Linn USA
  • David Shaffer USA

ILLSA representatives:

  • Canan Ece Turkmen Turkey

Equity & Justice Committee

Co-chaired by Sherice Clark (USA) and Ravit Duncan (USA), the Equity & Justice Committee will assist ISLS in fulfilling its commitment to a justice orientation, supporting the Society in all engagements with the scholars, communities and broader publics with whom ISLS works. The Committee will work with all other ISLS Committees to identify and address specific issues related to diverse representation, the systemic marginalization or erasure of particular voices, and justice-oriented scholarship. The composition of the committee sought broad representation, in terms of theoretical and methodological perspectives, geography, and racial, ethnic, gendered, and social identities.

Additional members of this committee are:

  • Paulo Blikstein Brazil – Brazil Affiliate
  • Sherice Clarke USA – Publications
  • Crina Damsa Norway – Education
  • Joshua Danish USA – Finance
  • Susan Jurow USA – Conference
  • Rita Kizito South Africa – Membership
  • Jun Oshima Japan – Japan Affiliate
  • Joe Polman USA – Nominations
  • Aireale Joi Rodgers (ILSSA representative) USA – ILSSA
  • Tanner Vea USA – Communications
  • Joel Wiebe Canada – Technology

International Learning Sciences Students Association (ILSSA) Committee

Co-chaired by Aireale Rodgers (USA) and Canan Ece Turkmen (Turkey), the International Learning Sciences Students Association (ILSSA) works to support and develop the intellectual, social, and professional development of graduate and undergraduate students in the field of Learning Sciences.

Additional ILSSA steering committee members are:

  • Noora Fatima Noushad: Membership and Outreach USA 
  • Christiana Varda: Communications Cyprus
  • Lisa M. Siciliano: Treasurer USA
  • Zaynab Gates: Global South Regional Representative USA
  • Bingyi Han: Asia-Pacific Regional Representative Australia
  • Esra Çakı: Europe/UK Regional Representative France

Membership Committee

Co-chaired by Dimitra Tsovaltzi (Germany), Jun Oshima(Japan) and Toshio Mochizuki (Japan), the Membership Committee helps disseminate the Society’s work and invites new members into the Society. Additional members of this committee are:
  • Bodong ChenUSA
  • Tessy Cerratto ParmanSweden
  • Caro Williams-PierceUSA
  • Jennifer AdamsCanada
  • Andrew Joyce-GibbonsUK
  • Tugce AldemirUSA
  • Jimmy Zambrano R.Ecuador
  • Chandan DasguptaIndia
  • Rita KizitoNetherland
  • Vanessa SvihlaUSA
  • Eric HamiltonUSA
  • Ayano Ohsaki Japan
  • Yara ShabanUSA
  • Anuli NdubuisiCanada
  • Ramkumar RajendranIndia
  • Anveshna SrivastavaIndia
  • Sarah C RadkeUSA
  • Tutaleni I. AsinoUSA
  • Rishi KrishnamoorthyUSA
  • Noora Fatima NoushadUSA

Publications Committee

Co-chaired by Anna Keune (Germany) and David Stroupe (USA), the Publications Committee develops editorial and publications policies.

Additional members of this committee are:

  • Jamie Gravell USA
  • Gahgene Gweon South Korea
  • Ariel Han USA
  • Christopher Hoadley USA
  • Jennifer Kahn USA
  • Danielle Kiefert USA
  • Ung-Sang Lee USA
  • Valentina Nachtigall Germany
  • Santiago Ojeda-Ramirez USA
  • Chris Ostrowdun UK
  • Pooja Saxena USA
  • Molly Shea USA
  • Wanli Xing USA
  • Nikki Yankova USA

The Publications Committee maintains the ISLS Publications FAQ. Please contact Anna Keune or David Stroupe, the co-chairs of the Committee, to obtain a copyright permission to use portions of your ISLS conference proceedings in other scholarly publications.

ISLS-Affiliated Journal Contacts / Advisory Members

Technology Committee

Chaired by Jim Slotta (Canada) and Mike Tissenbaum (USA), the Technology Committee is charged with developing technology policies for the Society and providing recommendations to the Board regarding the development, evaluation and updating of the Society’s Strategic Technology Plan.

Additional members of this committee are:

  • Renato Carvalho Canada – Student Member
  • Doug Clark Canada
  • Stian Håklev Switzerland
  • Susan Goldman USA
  • Preeti Raman Canada – Student Member
  • Mike Rook USA
  • Freydis Vogel UK
  • Joel Wiebe Canada – Student Member