Benefits of membership:

The program’s main features are represented online as part of a strong international network to enhance visibility
Scholars and students of member programs are part of a rapidly growing international network in the Learning Sciences
Scholars have access to a well-organized resource collection of texts, videos and learning activities for the design of introductory courses into the Learning Sciences; they can explore the curricula and a collection of syllabi from other programs
Students benefit from visiting scholar opportunities and possible international supervision of their research
Professors and students benefit from access to online courses on specific topics and methods offered by one or more NAPLeS professors

What you need to become a member program:

  1. A running or upcoming Ph.D. or Master’s degree program in the area of the Learning Sciences
  2. At least 3 persons associated with the program need to be ISLS members (at least 2 of them on the faculty level)

Members are expected to be active in the following ways:

  • Naming a liaison person for NAPLeS
  • Submitting program information to be represented on the NAPLeS website
  • Providing visiting scholar opportunities for other NAPLeS students
  • Submitting exemplary syllabi
  • Contributing to the webinar series in collaboration with other programs (every other year)

Submit Program Information:

Contact the NAPLeS Executive Officer at [email protected].