Announcing the ISLS Early Career Awardees

The ISLS Board voted to confer the Early Career Award from the International Society of the Learning Sciences to these worthy recipients:

  • Sarit Barzilai, Ph. D.
  • Katharina Loibl, Ph. D.
  • Ananda Marin, Ph. D.
  • Martina Rau, Ph. D.
  • Miwa Takeuchi, Ph. D.
  • Shirin Vossoughi, Ph. D.

As the call for nominations notes: “The International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) Early Career Award recognizes learning scientists who have made exciting and innovative contributions to the field during the early years following their Ph.D. Successful nominees will have demonstrated a notable contribution to the learning sciences and the potential for future contributions.” This is the first year the annual award has been granted in the 20-year history of the Society. 

The formal award ceremony will be part of the ISLS 2021 annual meeting.

The ISLS Board and the ECA committee members are excited for the futures of these young scholars. 
Congratulations to them all!

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