Call for Proposals to Host the 2024 International Society of the Learning Sciences Annual Meeting

The International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) invites proposals to host the 2024 ISLS Annual Meeting. The ISLS Annual Meeting consists of two concurrent programs – ICLS and CSCL, preceded by workshops and professional development activities.  Proposals are invited from current ISLS members representing institutions or organizations around the world. Hosts of the meeting can expect to work with the ISLS Conference Committee to plan the Annual Meeting for June or July 2024 with exact dates to be negotiated.

Interested potential organizers are asked to submit a two-page letter of interest that includes the following basic information:

  • the proposed organizers of the Annual Meeting, including brief statements of their relationships to the Learning Sciences and/or CSCL communities along with contact information;
  • theme and suggested dates for the Annual Meeting;
  • the location and venue (e.g., academic institution, hotel, conference center);
  • attractions and opportunities of the location and surrounding areas.

In addition, letters of interest can address the following issues:

  • plans or provisions for potential online or hybrid participation;
  • consideration of various dimensions of equity and inclusivity as part of hosting and meeting activities.

Note: The 2021 ISLS Annual Meeting was organized from Bochum, Germany as an online event; the 2022 Annual Meeting is being organized as an online event from Hiroshima, Japan; and the 2023 Annual Meeting will be hosted in Montreal, Canada.

Letters of interest must be submitted by February 21, 2022 to Ulrich Hoppe, ISLS Conference Committee chair, at [email protected]. The Conference Committee welcomes inquiries and discussions by email prior to submission of letters of interest at [email protected]. Letters of interest received by the deadline will be evaluated by the ISLS Conference Committee.

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