Dr. Stephanie Toliver speaks to ISLS, March 2, 2023

Please join the Wallace Funded, ISLS speaker series, Research for More Just Futures, for our second talk!
Speaker:  Dr. Stephanie Toliver. Title:  Past, Present, Future, Past: A journey toward endarkened story work” 

When:  Thursday March 2, 2023, 12-13:30 CST, 18-19:30 GMT


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Abstract: In this talk, Toliver discusses the challenges and opportunities of engaging in Endarkened Storywork, including the affordances and pitfalls of being a critical scholar of color working toward equity and justice in the context of Afrofuturism and education. By blending personal narrative, popular culture, and educational research, Toliver uses this talk to (1) consider what it takes to think about and do research centered on the creation of more just futures and to (2) detail the advantages of utilizing the speculative as an essential component in educational research and teaching. 

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