Emerging Scholar Grant Proposals due June 30, 2023

The ISLS Emerging Scholars Program is designed to address underrepresentation in ISLS of scholars who are members of systemically marginalized communities (e.g., members of racial, cultural, and/or linguistic communities that are typically marginalized, individuals with disabilities and/or individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, etc.), focusing particularly on scholars whose identities are also marginalized within their home contexts as well. This program aims to attract emerging scholars regardless of their past or current membership status with ISLS. To that end, the program has four sub-goals:

  1. Recognize and support the outstanding work of emerging scholars that is related to the improvement of learning and/or learning environments for learners (of any age) and is designed to address injustices in education. 
  2. Push on the boundaries of what the Learning Sciences takes as settled theories of, and approaches to studying, learning processes and learning environments.
  3. Support emerging scholars financially as they develop their research programs.
  4. Encourage and empower emerging scholars’ long-term engagement in, and contribution to, ISLS while cultivating intellectual diversity in the field.   

ISLS Emerging Scholars will receive: $10,000 to support their research for one year; and increased visibility within the society. Awarded funds will be given directly to recipients via check or wire transfer.

Applicants must be senior graduate students, or within 5 years of earning their PhD.  Applications are due June 30, 2023.

Please download the RFP below for more information and contact the graduate student assistant for this program, Ranza Torres, at [email protected], with any questions.
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