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Conference - CONSTRUCTIONISM 2012 Theory, Practice and Impact

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21 - 25 August, 2012
Athens - Greece
Submissions due 1st March, 2012

Constructionism 2012 in Athens carries on the tradition of the bi-annual meetings of the Eurologo community in Dublin (1987), Gent (1989), Parma (1991), Anavissos (1993), Birmingham (1995), Budapest (1997), Sofia (1999), Linz (2001), Porto (2003), Warsaw (2005) and Bratislava (2007) and Paris (2010). Our highly successful meeting in Paris in 2010 was characterized by the change in our title to 'Constructionism' in order to delineate our head - on addressing of and reflection on our constructionist epistemology on learning and using Logo-like digital systems.

It will also be remembered for the broadening of learning domains from mathematics and programming to the arts. Permeating our discussions was the feeling that in 2012, it is time to look at and to question Constructionism in the future, to discuss the associated learning theory in a world where connections and integration is sought in a landscape of fragmented theoretical frameworks and constructs. What has constructionist learning theory to offer in our understanding of how and what we learn? It was felt that it is equally time to reconsider constructionism as a theory of pedagogical design and practice.

In a world where educational reforms and wide scale initiatives are becoming more pertinent and where curriculum materials and management systems crop up at unprecedented scale, availability and variety, how can constructionists have an impact? How can we make use of new media and how can we describe our designs and our practices to be convincing and relevant? The theme of our 2012 conference, 'Theory, Practice and Impact' is thus meant to reflect our on-going discussions and provide challenge for our meeting in Athens to which you are all very welcome!
Joint EARLI SIG 20 & SIG 26 meeting: August 22-24,...

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