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Paulo Blikstein

First FabLab@School opens in Palo Alto: The Bourn Lab at Castilleja School, which opened March 16, is the first fabrication lab built for children, part of Stanford’s FabLab@School network.

The Bourn Idea Lab at Castilleja School, which had its official launch March 16, is a one-of-its-kind design and digital fabrication lab especially built for children, the first at a U.S. secondary school. As opposed to ordinary school robotics or "shop" labs, the Bourn Lab is equipped to teach a range of subjects from physics and engineering to art. It is the latest addition to a nascent network called FabLab@School, the brainchild of Stanford Asst. Prof. Paulo Blikstein.

Led by Learning Scientist Paulo Blikstein, Stanford School of Education launches 10-year center to improve Brazilian education

In a concerted effort to significantly improve public education in Brazil in the next decade, Stanford University School of Education has launched a new center on campus aimed at developing new approaches to improve learning in Brazilian public schools. Led by Stanford Asst. Professor Paulo Blikstein, the Lemann Center for Educational Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Brazil, the will create new educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, particularly for Brazil’s low-income students.
Joint EARLI SIG 20 & SIG 26 meeting: August 22-24,...

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