On the Goals of Epistemic Education: Promoting Apt Epistemic Performance

Sarit Barzilai & Clark A. Chinn

What does it take to perform well in a post-truth world? Check out this new paper by Barzilai and Chinn on the goals of epistemic education.

In this paper, Barzilai and Chinn tackle the question: What are the objectives of promoting epistemic growth in educational contexts? Barzilai and Chinn synthesize current research in epistemic cognition and virtue epistemology to develop a new answer to this question. They argue that the goals of epistemic education should be to promote learner’s apt epistemic performance, defined as successful achievement of epistemic aims through competence. Drawing on their own and others’ research, they unpack what such performance involves. Their analysis offers a guide for incorporating epistemic growth goals into the design of instruction in diverse areas.

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