JLS Volume 31 Issue 2 (2022) is in print and online

JLS Volume 31, Issue 2 is available now, check out the articles:

Research Articles

1. Enriching problem-solving followed by instruction with explanatory accounts of emotions
Tanmay Sinha

2. Young women of color figuring science and identity within and beyond an afterschool science program
Jrène Rahm, Allison J. Gonsalves & Audrey Lachaîne

3. It takes two to tango: How scientific reasoning and self-regulation processes impact argumentation quality
Yoana Omarchevska, Andreas Lachner, Juliane Richter & Katharina Scheiter

4. Invoking student resources in whole-class conversations in science education: A sociocultural perspective
Anniken Furberg & Kenneth Silseth

Report and Reflection

1. Naming and disrupting epistemic injustice across curated sites of learning
David Stroupe

Read them all at: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/hlns20/current

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