JLS Volume 32 Issues 2 and 3 are in print and online

The Journal of Learning Sciences published two new issues recently.

Check out the articles from JLS Volume 32, Issue 2:

Research Articles

  1. Pedagogical sensemaking during side-by-side coaching: Examining the in-the-moment discursive reasoning of a teacher and coach
    Jen Munson & Elizabeth B. Dyer
  2. Prolepsis & telos: Interpreting pedagogy and recovering imagination in the mediation of youth learning
    Tesha Sengupta-Irving, Lauren Vogelstein, Corey Brady & Emily Phillips Galloway
  3. “We got so much better at reading each other’s energy”: Knowing, acting, and attuning as an improv ensemble
    Kevin Leander, Laura Carter-Stone & Emma Supica

Report and Reflection

  1. Learning sciences and learning engineering: A natural or artificial distinction?
    Victor R. Lee
  2. Learning engineering: What it is, why I’m involved, and why I think more of you should be
    Janet L. Kolodner

Read them all at: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/hlns20/32/2?nav=tocList

Check out the articles from JLS Volume 32, Issue 3:

Research Articles

  1. Beyond the individual: The regulation and negotiation of socioemotional practices across a learning ecosystem
    Marcela Borge & Yu Xia
  2. The effect of language on the coherence of children’s conceptions of force
    Dina B. Masri & Tamer G. Amin
  3. From “Carrier” to “Creator”: The re-construction of national identity in more inclusive terms
    Etan Cohen, Yotam Hod & Dani Ben-Zvi
  4. Self-study enhances the learning effect of discussions
    Jaeseo Lim & Jooyong Park

In Memoriam

The adventures of John Bransford: In memoriam
Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Brigid Barron, Nathalie Coté, Daniel Hickey, Xiaodong Lin, Mitchell Nathan, Na’ilah Nasir, Kieran O’Mahony, Roy Pea, William Penuel, Jeremy Roschelle, Nora Sabelli, Daniel Schwartz, Diana Sharp & Sashank Varma

Read them all at: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/hlns20/32/3?nav=tocList

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ISLS 2024 Reviewer Invitations

The ISLS 2024 team is thrilled to have received a large number of papers, posters, and symposia for this year’s annual meeting, a total of 893 submissions! We have currently sent out reviewer invitations to prior reviewers and 2024 submitters. If you fall under either of those categories and have NOT received an invitation and would like to volunteer, please check your email and spam folders.

JLS Outstanding Paper (2022): Utilizing dance resources for learning and engagement in STEM

This paper authored by Folashadé Solomon, Dionne Champion, Mariah Steele and Tracey Wright received the Outstanding Paper Award from the Journal of the Learning Sciences. As the selection panel comments, “By employing culturally responsive pedagogy, the authors established a connection between the learning of physics and dance education, thereby promoting access and equity…The meticulous analysis provided insights into how dance, as an embodied form of knowledge, facilitated a transformation in the black girls’ relationship with physics.”