JLS Volume 32 Issues 2 and 3 are in print and online

The Journal of Learning Sciences published two new issues recently.

Check out the articles from JLS Volume 32, Issue 2:

Research Articles

  1. Pedagogical sensemaking during side-by-side coaching: Examining the in-the-moment discursive reasoning of a teacher and coach
    Jen Munson & Elizabeth B. Dyer
  2. Prolepsis & telos: Interpreting pedagogy and recovering imagination in the mediation of youth learning
    Tesha Sengupta-Irving, Lauren Vogelstein, Corey Brady & Emily Phillips Galloway
  3. “We got so much better at reading each other’s energy”: Knowing, acting, and attuning as an improv ensemble
    Kevin Leander, Laura Carter-Stone & Emma Supica

Report and Reflection

  1. Learning sciences and learning engineering: A natural or artificial distinction?
    Victor R. Lee
  2. Learning engineering: What it is, why I’m involved, and why I think more of you should be
    Janet L. Kolodner

Read them all at: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/hlns20/32/2?nav=tocList

Check out the articles from JLS Volume 32, Issue 3:

Research Articles

  1. Beyond the individual: The regulation and negotiation of socioemotional practices across a learning ecosystem
    Marcela Borge & Yu Xia
  2. The effect of language on the coherence of children’s conceptions of force
    Dina B. Masri & Tamer G. Amin
  3. From “Carrier” to “Creator”: The re-construction of national identity in more inclusive terms
    Etan Cohen, Yotam Hod & Dani Ben-Zvi
  4. Self-study enhances the learning effect of discussions
    Jaeseo Lim & Jooyong Park

In Memoriam

The adventures of John Bransford: In memoriam
Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Brigid Barron, Nathalie Coté, Daniel Hickey, Xiaodong Lin, Mitchell Nathan, Na’ilah Nasir, Kieran O’Mahony, Roy Pea, William Penuel, Jeremy Roschelle, Nora Sabelli, Daniel Schwartz, Diana Sharp & Sashank Varma

Read them all at: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/hlns20/32/3?nav=tocList

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