New Learning Sciences Program at Boston College’s Lynch School starts in late August – applications welcome

Boston College’s Lynch School of Education is delighted to announce the start, in late August, 2019, of our new Masters Program in Learning Engineering. The program will prepare students to design engaging learning experiences that are informed by the learning sciences and incorporate cutting-edge technologies. The program is experiential and interdisciplinary, leveraging the expertise of faculty from across BC’s Lynch School of Education. Throughout the one-year, on-campus program, students complete design challenges, shadow working professionals, take field trips to technology incubators and collaboratories, and intern with local organizations.

At the program’s core are its design studios and reflective seminars. Courses and 1-credit modules are designed to foster learning of how people learn, how to foster learning, how to design for learners, and how to influence a focus on learning among members of a design team. Students use what they are learning to complete their design challenges and participate in their internships. They graduate with a portfolio that showcases the depth and breadth of their design work and demonstrates their capabilities in learner-centered design, leadership, and pedagogical and technological imagination.

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