Reminder: Apply for ISLS 2021 Doctoral Consortium, Early Career, and Mid-Career Workshop until January 12

Dear members of ISLS, 

This is a reminder that you can still submit applications for Doctoral Consortium, Early Career and Mid-Career Workshop until January 12!

For more information please visit: 

Please note, that in order to be maximally inclusive and accommodate participants across multiple time zones as well as to take into account time restrictions due to family duties, we may begin workshops the week prior to the conference. Thank you!
Funding may be available for Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshop to pay for registration and fees to attend the workshop and conference.

If you have any further questions concerning Doctoral Consortium, Early Career, and Mid-Career Workshop, please contact respective workshop co-chairs as listed on the conference website or contact the local conference chairs: [email protected]

With best wishes for the new year, 
Doctoral Consortium, Early Career Workshop, and Mid-Career Workshop Co-Chairs

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