The ISLS Publications Committee @ ISLS 2022

The Publications FAQ, a resource that provides insights into the ISLS publications policy that is aimed at supporting scholars to publish their work. The Publications FAQ provides some answers to copyright related questions, including when authors need to ask permission from ISLS, how to ask for permission, why ISLS is not using creative commons licenses and many more. We recirculate the Publications FAQ at this time to refresh ISLS members’ awareness of this resource. Please find the Publications FAQ on the ISLS website:
The ISLS Publications Committee will host asynchronous Office Hours throughout the ISLS 2022 conference for attendees to ask questions about publications related matters. If you’ve ever had questions like, “what happens if I want to publish part of my ICLS conference paper in another venue? or… what are the copyright policies of the society and what do they mean for you?” then come to Office Hours and chat with us. Stay tuned and join us on Whova and the ISLS community page.

On behalf of the ISLS Publications Committee.

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