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ISLS 2023
ISLS 2023




Jun 10 - 15, 2023
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ISLS Annual Meeting 2023 Practitioner Registration

Practitioners (e.g., teachers, instructional designers/professional development staff, and school administrators) who work primarily in settings that serve K-12/pre-college level students may register for the Annual Meeting without becoming members of the ISLS.

Economic Conditions in Country of Residence: Please determine whether you reside in a High Income country or a Middle or Low Income country using World Bank designations and select the appropriate rate below:

We are implementing this Registration Fee system on the honor system, it is up to you to select the appropriate Registration Fee.

All payments are made via Stripe (accepts all major credit and debit cards). We do not accept payment through cash and bank drafts. Payment will be made in US dollars. If you are paying via foreign currency, Stripe exchange rates for the day will apply if any currency conversion is needed.

This event has passed.