Niagara Falls, Buffalo

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ISLS 2024
ISLS 2024


The University at Buffalo


Jun 8 - 9, 2024


All Day

ISLS Annual Meeting 2024 Workshop & Tutorial Registration

Please visit or click on the links below for the workshop descriptions and any additional requirements for attending the workshops, including submitting sample data etc.

Each workshop is limited to 30 attendees on a first registered, first accepted basis. Once all 30 spots are taken that’s it!

Register separately for half- & full-day workshops & tutorials using the link beside each workshop.

Half-Day Workshops
Saturday, June 8th, 1–5pm

The half-day workshops will run on Saturday, June 8th from 1pm–5pm.
Registration for a half-day workshop is $25 USD.

  1. Exploring the Content and Structure of a Framework for Learning Progressions for K-12 Data Science Education – Workshop Description, Register
  2. Bite-Sized Assessments: Creating Micro-credentials for Buffalo Chicken Wings – Workshop Description, Register
  3. Network of Academic Programs in the Learning Sciences: Reigniting NAPLeS – Workshop Description, Register
  4. Learning {Blank} Science Fiction and Fantasy: Exploring the relationship between genre fiction and the learning sciences – Workshop Description, Register
  5. Healing Justice in Youth Organizations and Schools: Research Methods and Ethical Provocations – Workshop Description, Register
  6. Designing for learning and healing in the academy – Workshop Description, Register
  7. Designing for powerful ideas in educational robotics in the era of AI – Workshop Description, Register
  8. Reimagining and Advancing CSCL Research and Building CSCL Community – Workshop Description, Register
  9. Maximizing the ISLS 2024 annual meeting experience: A community-based workshop for polishing presentation & conferencing skills – Workshop Description, NOTE: This half-day workshop will be held on Sunday June 9th! Please do not register for a full-day workshop if you are attending this workshop. Register

Full-Day Workshops
Sunday, June 9th, 9am–5pm

The full-day workshops will run on Sunday, June 9th from 9am–5pm.
Registration for a full-day workshop is $50 USD.

  1. A gathering to synthesize, critically examine, and envision new horizons for learning sciences research on “failure” and learning – Workshop Description, Register
  2. Educating for Ecological Caring on a Damaged Planet: Designing and Building Refugia with/for More-than-humans – Workshop Description, Register
  3. Towards a Transformative Action Research Network – Workshop Description, Register
  4. The Hidden Majority: Examining the Inaccessibility Crisis as a Barrier to Equitable Education – Workshop Description, Register
  5. Knowledge Building and Generative AI to Advance Community Knowledge – Workshop Description, Register
  6. AI Augmented Learning for All: Challenges and Opportunities – a view from the Five National AI Institutes – Workshop Description, Register
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