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Jun 10 - 14, 2024


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ISLS Annual Meeting 2024 Registration

Registration Process and Fees

ISLS has as a core tenet the commitment to increasing equity and diversity among its members, and especially for those who wish to participate in the annual meeting and publish in journals sponsored by the Society. Over the past year there have been numerous discussions within our membership, committees, and associated groups/networks around the world about how to realize this commitment in action. Since 2022, we have refined our Registration Fee structure for the ISLS Annual Meeting in an effort to act on these commitments. The Registration Fee structure is based on two factors: career category and the economic conditions in the country of residence. The 2024 Registration Fee structure recognizes:

  1. Career category, recognizing that those earlier in their careers are in different financial circumstances than those later in their careers; and
  2. Country of residence, recognizing that there are wide disparities in income across the globe.

We also maintain a separate fee structure for:

  1. Practitioners (e.g., teachers, instructional designers/professional development staff, and school administrators) who work primarily in settings that serve K-12/pre-college level students and may register for the Annual Meeting without becoming members of the ISLS; as well as for
  2. Participants in the Doctoral Consortium (DC) or Early Career Workshop (ECW), whose fees are covered but must be a current (2024) member of ISLS in order to register.

Here is a more detailed explanation outlining what the Annual Meeting registration fees pay for.

Aside from Practitioners, you must be a current (2024) member of ISLS to register.

Become a member or sign in to renew your membership.

* Please note that we switched over to a new system in 2020. If you were not a member any time 2020-2023, you must create a new account in order to join or renew for 2024. For all membership-related questions please contact us at

ISLS 2024 presenters MUST register to attend the conference in person unless they have received remote participation as an accommodation or are only participating in a hybrid symposium.

Only people who are granted accommodation for one of the approved reasons listed on our accommodations page, or whose participation is only via the hybrid symposium track, can present remotely. Presenters who are granted accommodations for remote presentation will be contacted individually with instructions for registration. If you have not yet requested accommodations (whether for remote presentation or other in-person accommodations), please visit the accommodations page.

The registration deadline for the conference is May 10. If space permits, late registration at an approximately 20% surcharge will open May 11 until capacity is reached. Presenters, whether in person or remote, pay the same base registration fees, with a small discount for remote presenters that reflects savings in catering costs. If your contribution will be presented in person by someone who is not a listed author, please email as soon as possible; otherwise, all accepted submissions for which there is no registered presenter will be removed from the conference proceedings and the program.

Registration for remote-only attendees who are non-presenters and need accommodation via remote participation will open May 11. This registration fee is heavily discounted to reflect the limited opportunities for online attendees.

Career Category:
Please use the following definitions to select the career category that best describes you:

  • Mid/Later Career: Associate Professor, Full Professor, or comparable position at a university, college, or research institution.
  • Early Career: Post-doctoral scholar, Assistant Professor, or comparable position at a university, college, or research institution.
  • Student: Graduate (including Doctoral Candidate) or Undergraduate student.
    • Student Volunteer: Please follow the instructions sent to you via email by the volunteer committee. If you have submitted your name as a volunteer for the conference but have not yet heard back from the student volunteer committee, please wait to register.
  • Practitioner: Teacher, Principal, School Administrator.
  • Doctoral Consortium (DC) or Early Career Workshop (ECW) Participant: Please follow the instructions sent to you via email by the career workshops.

Economic Conditions in Country of Residence:
Please determine whether you reside in a High Income country or a Middle or Low Income country using World Bank designations. If you are a student, please select the economic conditions in the country where you attend school, not your country of origin/nationality:

All amounts displayed in US dollars (USD)

In-person registration for ISLS 2024 is now full

All payments are made via Stripe (accepts all major credit and debit cards). We do not accept payment through cash and bank drafts. Payment will be made in US dollars. If you are paying via foreign currency, Stripe exchange rates for the day will apply if any currency conversion is needed.

The event is ongoing.