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Syllabi and Slides

Information Problem Solving slides by Saskia Brand-Gruwel

Video Resources

Watch the full webinar on Information Problem Solving featuring Saskia Brand-Gruwel:

Information Problem Solving webinar as audio file (.mp3)


  • Brand-Gruwel, S., & Gerjets, P. (2008). Instructional support for enhancing students’ information problem solving ability. Computers in Human Behavior, 24, 615-622. [Access Online]
  • Brand-Gruwel, S., & Stadtler, M. (2011). Solving information-based problems: Searching, selecting and evaluating information. Learning and Instruction, 21, 175-179. [Access Online]
  • Brand-Gruwel, S., Wopereis, I., & Vermetten, Y. (2005). Information problem solving by experts and novices: analysis of a complex cognitive skill. Computers in Human Behaviour, 21, 487-508. [Access Online]


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